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 merrow® sewing machine co. manufacturer of industrial sergers and ...
The Merrow Sewing Machine Company makes over 360 models of production grade sewing machines, each one hand built to the highest quality and precision tolerances in the sewing industry. Click one of the sections above to find the machine for your sewing application.

 merrow® sewing machine co.- manufacturer of industrial sewing machines ...
Merrow Brand Sewing Machines, manufactured by the Merrow Machine Co. since 1838. Merrow manufactures industrial sewing machines, sergers and overlock sewing machines. 180 years ago we invented the overlock stitch, since then we've been building the worlds best sewing machines. We invented the shell stitch, the crochet stitch, the scalloped edge and the purl stitch.

 merrow mg-3u industrial sewing machine for edging emblems and patches
The Advantage of the MG-3U. The Merrow MG-3U is a 3-thread industrial sewing machine that is meant for putting a decorative edge on emblems and patches. It makes a 1/8" to 3/16" stitch at a standard rate of 28 SPI (though this can be decreased or increased to 20 or 40 SPI respectively), yet even while running at 5500 RPM still operates under 90 ...

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 merrow industrial sewing machines
Merrow. Merrow Industrial Sewing Machines. The Merrow Machine is mainly known as the modern overlock sewing machine. They are set up for technical sewing, fashion and design, and end-to-end sewing. The company produces more than 360 hand built models. Merrow Sewing was not always into sewing though. In its’ conception over 170 years ago, the ...

 merrow sewing machine company - wikipedia
The Merrow Sewing Machine Company, best known for inventing the overlock sewing machine, is a manufacturer of sewing machines. After the explosion of his gunpowder mill in 1837, in 1838 J.M. Merrow built a knitting mill on the same site. The company developed crocheting machines for its own use and by 1887 evolved to design, build and market ...

 merrow industrial sewing machines for emblem edging applications
For 172 Years Companies have depended on Merrow to provide customized sewing solutions. Merrow Machines are used by forutune 100 companies, design schools, circuses, tailor shops and every type of industrial material processing company. These are just a few interesting ones we gathered along the way.

 merrow sewing machines technical information
"Merrow knows sewing, from machine to stitch to garment. During our 172 years in the business we've accumulated a vast amount of knowledge on what it means to design, construct, and market a product. We take pride in our work and in our customer relationships and strive to go above and beyond what is expected of us."

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