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 raw preparation roll sewing | comatex
Raw preparation roll sewing. End-to-end seaming. JOIN-RAIL: Automatic sewing rail. Sewing rail for the automatic and aligned seaming of the fabric rolls. Flat overlock or chainpoint sewing. Complete of waste vacuum, chain cutter, fabric clamping, automatic machine movement, edge decurler system. read more. JOIN-TROLLEY: Sewing trolley.

 pr 120: sewing and preparation machine with no-stop
PR is an high speed machine for seam the tubular fabric rolls toghether and continuos no-stop. Roll unwinding up to 120mt/min. Production speed up to 70mt/min no stop. For tubular knit fabric roll up to diameter 800mm x 130Kg. With automatic loading and start after the seam. With overlook flat sewing machine.

 wet processing of cotton / spandex fabric
Tubular knit fabrics can be relaxed by: 1. Sending the fabric through a tensionless steam calender. 2. Steaming in an autoclave in a batched roll. When collapsed, tubular fabrics are slit along one edge, the remaining edge becomes the center line in the fabric after the slit tube is opened. This line, if not removed before heat-setting, will

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 cankur makina
Raw Tubular Fabric Inspection Machines; Raw Open Width Knitted Fabric Inspection Machines; Woven Fabric Inspection Machines; Fabric Expanding Machines; Packing Machines; Sample Cutting Machines; Light Box; Referances. Gallery. Galery; Video;

 t-lp machines for preparation of raw fabric
Preparation line with automatic feeding rolls and plaited fabric at exit. Loading and automatic feeding of rolls into automatic platform and stitching section. Sewing system with double cradle. Conveyor belt for feeding rolls; Sewing system with double cradle,j box,and driving system for constant tension of fabric.

 halloysite nanotubes functionalized cotton fabric for oil ...
The raw cotton fabric shows representative porous network structure. The cotton fibers have clean surface except for some tiny protrusions. It is hard to measure the WCA value of the raw cotton fabric, the water droplet permeated into thefabric matrix immediately when contacting the cotton surface due to the intrinsic hydrophilicity and the cross-linking structure.

 fabric finishing: pretreatment/textile wet processing ...
Preparation, the subject of this chapter, is a series of sequential processing steps that get the fabric ready for dyeing and subsequent finishing. Since water is key to many of them, the steps are collectively known as textile wet processing. The initial processes are also referred to as either fabric preparation or fabric pretreatment.

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